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be-poles is a creative lab, using a true craftsman's approach.

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Inventing a new profession: narrative design. Everything is considered. Nothing is forgotten. We are sincere and reject the ostentatious.

Occupying space

The selection of artworks displayed on the wall or laid on the floor, the materials that make up the space, the choice of paper, the logo, the lighting, the crockery, the furniture, the proximity to others, the quest for sincere emotions, serenity or creative effervescence, the sound of the sea or a turntable, the colour palette used - all these points of contact, though they may seem anecdotal, are considered and designed with the same energy. be-poles reveals the soul of a project, immersing it in graceful wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy that extols beauty in the impertinence of things, and the unexpectedness of happy accidents.

True beauty, subtlety and delicacy reside in this art of creating imperfections, accidents, and showcasing them in public spaces as if we were in our own home. be-poles creates unique formulas for each space and reawakens its soul, preserving its integrity with profound coherency.

La Maison Plisson, Les Roches Rouges, Le Pigalle, Merci, the NoMad Hotel, Roseanna, Ginette NY, Cyril Lignac's chocolaterie and pâtisseries all have something in common: they chose studio be-poles.

The role of the studio is to invade a space to make it greater than the sum of its identity.

Writing a story

People used to remember a monogram or a logo, such as the heraldic figure of a family engraved above a door or embossed on a trunk. Throughout the 20th century, brands continued to work with a logo as the symbol of their identity. Today, visual education has broadened through social networks which provide us with new aesthetics.

For the public, a shop, restaurant or hotel generates the same expectations for beauty, authenticity, comfort, precision and experimentation. These days, the public is looking for an art de vivre, an energy – something that says something. They have signed up to a new philosophy: anti-design.

be-poles collects this abundance of small landmarks that make up a single territory. The studio accords each of them the same level of importance so as to reach people at each point of contact.

This is what “occupying space” really means.

We ask them who they are. We listen, ask questions, research and share. We find the project's core, its common thread, and we unwind it. We form a relationship. We awaken all the senses while remaining simple and authentic.

be-poles is a narrative project maker. Writing a story is the only thing that truly drives us, and doing so brings it alive.

The hidden element is our meeting with those who want to forge a new project.