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Le 1 A new press experience, designed by be-poles.

Text: Anne Bessaguet - Photos: Le 1 - Illustrations: Jochen Gerner and Stéphane Trapier

“Be informative rather than exhaustive. And inspire as much as inform. This is the vocation of ‘Le 1’: a dense and surprising read within a newspaper that can be devoured from beginning to end, in a spirit of ‘less is more’…”

éric fottorino, publication director
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The creation of a newspaper is always a long and tedious process. Every element is taken into account, dissected, observed, and deepened. Every detail counts, every minute counts. The outcome, whether success or failure, is decided very quickly. But, before that, its personality itself will have been sketched and drawn patiently.

The number one idea: 1 unique news item per week.
By avoiding information overload, the reader is allowed to better understand the news.

A “1-sensed” format


“Le 1” is an hour of reading, a unifying gesture, a tenacious desire: to carry messages and to convey them as clearly as possible. A major topic, different ideas, an ambition, “Le 1” is paved, not with good intentions, but quality reporting, illustrations, and short texts.

But it's a newspaper. And a newspaper is something in one’s hand, a format. Its character results from its form. Form, format, character, handling: a newspaper is created on these bases.


A newspaper format that looks like an unfolded map. Proportions create a special link, a unique connection between illustrations, reports, photos, short stories, cartoons. Here, each element interacts with each other. It's an open door for new creativity. There is no other similar format in the press.

“There are many artists who come with ideas because the format inspired them.”

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1 universe


The absence of page numbers implies a different way of reading, but also of conceiving. Journalists, illustrators and artists gathered around the same, single, huge blank page. “Le 1” is unlike any other newspaper. It is a universe that unfolds before our eyes to get us into the subject of the week.

“I didn’t want people to get into the newspaper too quickly. Here, we clearly tell you what we are going to talk about on the cover. But inside, it's a whole universe, with lots of surprises.”


A new format changes all the proportions with it: the way of exchanging, working together, interacting.

“Le 1” is the work of a real team, united.

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